Cheap Cambodian Street Food!

Cruising Cambodia on a motorbike allowed us the opportunity to get away from the touristy areas and get stuck into some diverse street food. A few of the street foods we consumed in Cambodia included nom pang, num kachay, kuy teav, ang dtray-meuk, kralan, as well as BBQ rat, grilled water snake, fried worms, crickets and beetles.

Tips on eating cheap in Cambodia – Street food is so much cheaper than eating in the restaurants and, more often than not, it is much tastier. Go further afield for cheaper and more authentic street food. Go to where the locals eat and enjoy eating amongst them. You will find they really do appreciate having foreigners enjoy eating their national dishes and, of course, rejoicing in their cooking.

Our favourites!

Nom Pang – the pork baguette – is a delicious remnant of the French colonial period in Cambodia (1863-1953). Our favourite is the pork baguette with several different types of pork, including a spread of pork mince, pork sausage and roast pork. Nom Pang will usually include pickled vegetables and sometimes up to three different sauces. They are so delicious! You can also buy egg, fish, ham and chicken baguettes, as well as many other options.

Angkor Wat baguette vendor
Angkor Wat baguette vendor

In popular tourist places such as Angkor Wat, you pay USD $2, in Battambang we had the biggest baguettes full of meat and veg for USD $1.25. One of my favourites was a cheap USD $0.75.

Pork baguette $2 at Angkor Wat. It was a yummy breakfast after watchingth sun rise over the temple.
Pork baguette $2 at Angkor Wat. It was a yummy breakfast after watching the sunrise over the temple.

Num Kachay – chive cake – this traditional Cambodian food comes in two varieties. Round fried cakes with rice flour dough on the outside and a green filling of chives (and spinach I think), or it can be bought as a square cake in which the chives are blended into the rice flour mixture. We tried the round filled num kachay and really enjoyed them.

Num Kachay
Num Kachay
num kachay - chive filling
Num Kachay – chive filling

Kuy Teav – noodle soup – This is a popular breakfast dish in Cambodia, and is typically sold by vendors before midday. The delicious broth is made from pork or beef bones. This noodle soup is served with beef, chicken or pork, it will often include pork or beef balls. Garnished with bean sprouts, lettuce or sawtooth leaves and a lot of fresh herbs; this soup is colourful, tasty and filling. Condiments on offer will usually include chilli – fresh, dried, pickled or chilli sauce – pepper, lime, sliced garlic, soy sauce and sugar. Dwayne loves noodle soups so we often had this for breakfast.

beef noodle soup
Beef noodle soup with beef balls.
Beef noodle soup
This is also a beef noodle soup. The soups differ so much from one to another. All just as tasty though.

Ang Dtray-Meuk – grilled squid – You can usually find seafood hawkers with small charcoal-burning grills on the streets. At the popular seaside town of Kep, there is an abundance of skewered barbecuing squid for sale at the ‘Crab Markets’. The squid are usually lightly marinated with lime juice or fish sauce.

Whole barbecued squid

Amongst the freshly caught seafood, for sale, at the “Crab Markets” there is a profusion of barbecued seafood for sale, such as barbecued prawns and barbecue fish sandwiched between split bamboo skewers. There was also a fantastic array of fish cakes and prawn cakes.

BBQ prawns
Whole barbecued fish
Prawn cakes
These prawn cakes were quite tasty.

Roadside Barbecues – rat, chicken, fish, snake and quail

Dwayne loves his barbecued meat and, on a ride from Siem Reap to Battambang, Dwayne felt like something barbecued. We stopped to buy lunch at a roadside BBQ and we were a little shocked by what they were cooking.  BBQ rat! Never one to miss an opportunity to try something different we bought a rat, which they served to us with a little salt & pepper mix and limes. The rat was delicious… and I know its been said before about many foods but….it did taste like chicken! These rats are caught amongst the rice fields and are considered a delicacy. Read more about the BBQ rat here!

Barbecued rats
Barbecued rats

Other barbecued meat we found at the roadside during our ride around Cambodia included fish, quail, chicken pieces and skewers of chicken. Away from the main cities very few Cambodian’s speak english so we often had to point to what we wanted and then held up one or two fingers to indicate how many or how much of a certain food we wanted. The Cambodians are wonderful, friendly people who were eager to sell us their food and were really pleased when we liked it. Even without a common language we still managed to have a laugh with the locals. The worldwide common sign language of the smile’ goes a long way.

Friendly BBQ lady was happy to pose for a photo with Dwayne.
Friendly BBQ lady was happy to pose for a photo with Dwayne.
Whole BBQ quail, chicken skewers and fish

Dwayne ate a skewered water snake while out at the pub one night. Unfortunately I wasn’t there to take a photo. He said it was over-cooked and very dry. I was hoping for the opportunity to try snake myself but it never eventuated.

Kralan – sticky coconut rice in cooked in bamboo

We often found ourselves riding down a road and suddenly there are numerous stalls (in the middle of nowhere) all selling exactly the same thing. This made us a little curious so we eventually pulled over to see what was for sale. One such example was these little lengths of bamboo.

Roadside Kralan hawker
Roadside Kralan hawker

Not knowing what was inside and unable to ask the lady selling them (no english) we indicated we would take one. The top of the bamboo was plugged with leaves. After a short ride we found a shady tree to stop under and we opened our curiosity.

Top of the bamboo stuffed we leaves.
Top of the bamboo stuffed with leaves.

To our delight we found a delicious sticky rice, which I have since learnt is called kralan. It is very popular and is thought of as a specialty in Battambang where it is quite famous. It is made by cooking rice, black beans, coconut milk and sugar in the bamboo. It was not too sweet. Really very tasty.

The bamboo is easy to open because the outside has been stripped to leave a thin easy to open ‘take away’ package.

We had a similar treat in Phnom penh where the sticky rice, wrapped in banana leaves, was grilled over coals. To our surprise, when we opened our banana wrapped treats we found the sticky rice was wrapped around a banana. Really delicious.


The banana inside the rice!
The banana inside the rice!

Fried crickets and other bugs

Deep fried tarantula is one of the foods I really wanted to try but didn’t find… perhaps I didn’t look hard enough? But we did eat worms, grasshoppers, crickets and beetles. Read more about the bugs, insects and creepy crawlies here!

To watch the video of us consuming these creepy crawlies (or trying to) click here ….. Munching on Insects in Cambodia


Green Mango salad

We found many mango salads being made along the roadsides. This particular one in the photo below was being made with crushed up crab pieces (shell and all). We didn’t get to try this one because we had just bought some insects to nibble on. We did have quite a few mango salads and they were all delicious… a must!

Making green mango salad with crushed crab pieces.

Ice coffee

Dwayne could never pass up an opportunity to have an iced coffee with his noodle soup… it was breakfast after all.

Cambodian Ice Coffee
Cambodian Ice Coffee

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Eating in Cambodia.

We had a sensational time touring Cambodia on a motorcycle. The roads are shocking, as is the chaotic, crazy driving but the food is delightful.

Khmer cuisine is flavoursome and includes soups, meaty baguettes, lok lak (beef stir-fried with sauces), and of course Amok which is traditionally made with snakefish, but is also now made with chicken or veg etc. to suit different dietary requirements.

Great little family eateries - cheap delicious food.
Great little family eateries – cheap delicious food.

A Khmer meal will encompass a mixture of flavours, texture and colour. It will usually consists of more than one dish, incorporating lots of herbs, vegetables (pickled, raw or cooked), edible flowers, sauces and condiments.

Duck and rice
Duck and rice – Phnom Penh

If you are into chilli, like we are, take note that the Cambodians don’t really eat their food super hot. However, chilli (fresh, dry or sauce) is usually available on the table. If it is not, just ask, they will usually have chilli available.

Chicken noodle soup
Chicken noodle soup

All the following prices are from Aug/Sept 2015 and are quoted in the US dollar (US dollars are the main currency). You may receive change in Riel (Cambodian currency), keep the Riel for use in the small, backstreet eateries, where meals only cost a dollar or two.

A sneak peak at street food….

Street Food
The weirdest street food we ate included BBQ rat, worms, crickets, water snake on a stick and beetles. One of the yummiest was Nom Pang (pork baguettes).

Check out Cheap Cambodian Street Food here!


The following restaurants/eateries are just an example of where and what we ate. There are many little family run eateries throughout Cambodia; eat at these small places or go further afield, and leave the touristy areas, to get better value food and, more often than not, food that is more authentic and tasty.

Pork and egg
Pork and egg – road side eatery on our ride to Phnom Pehn.

We ate mostly at the small family eateries, which I am unable to give a name for, as they are written in Cambodian and I can not read Cambodian yet! I cannot list all of the cheap, delicious local places we ate at, because there were just so many of them. The majority were fantastic… in fact I can’t remember a bad meal. Most will display some sort of food so you know what they sell, but a couple of times we had to mime eating and just wait to see what we got. We were never disappointed! NOTE: cost is in Australian Dollars.

Siem Reap

While in Siem Reap we stayed at Urban Jungle Hostel on Angkor Night Market Street. There were a lot of good places to eat along this road. This first one had very friendly proprietors and delicious food.

Address: Angkor Night Market Street (across from Stung Thmey Primary School).

1 x Beef noodle soup $2.00
1 x Fried noodle $2.00

Fried noodle
Fried noodle

TOTAL: $4.00
VERDICT: Delicious cheap food. Friendly family. Free water or tea on the table + glass of ice.

Another great little eatery on Angkor Night Market Street where we had breakfast a few times. We ordered a beef stew/soup-like dish with a baguette.

What we had…

2 x Beef and baguette $3.00
Pot of Green tea.

Beef Stew and Baguette
Beef Stew and Baguette

TOTAL: $3.00

VERDICT: Delicious and so cheap. Really friendly people. No English, just point to what you want and wait and see what you get.

Also in Siem Reap

Sinn Sisa Mouth Cafe
Address: Angkor Night Market Street (next door to Urban Jungle Hostel).

What we ordered…

1 x Khmer lok lak and steamed rice $3.00
1 x Chicken curry and steamed rice $4.00
2 x Angkor beer $1.50
1 x Small water $0.50

TOTAL: $9.00

VERDICT: Very nice food. Nice setting and very nice proprietors. Meals were large. I could not eat all of mine. Lots of meat.

Blue Wave Bar and Restaurant
Address: Steung Thmei, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia

Meals start at around USD $1.00 (for fried rice) and most meals are between $1.00 and $4.00. Higher range meals include steaks for $7.00 or $8.00. Drinks are between $0.50 and $3.00.

What we had…

2 x Chicken amok $6.00
1 x Glass draught beer $0.50
1 x Small bottle water $0.50

Chicken Amok
Chicken Amok

TOTAL: $7.00

VERDICT: Large nice, clean restaurant. Service was fine. Food was delicious. Amok, which comes in a choice of chicken or fish is a creamy coconut, curry-like dish; not spicy but very flavoursome. Lots of meat in the dish. Food presentation was good also.

Khmer Food
Address: Sivatha Blvd, in front of the Huy Meng Minimart, across from Pub Street (Street 8)

This is a great little outside eatery that does soups, rice, noodle, BBQ chicken and lok lak.

Meals range between $2.00 – $3.00
Drinks between $0.50 -$1.25

What we had…

1 x Beef soup $2.00
1 x Spicy fried rice with beef $2.00


TOTAL: $4.00

VERDICT: Great food and cheap! Free green tea on the table and given a glass of ice each.

Phsa Chas Restaurant
Address: Street 9, Old Market Area

Meals – $1.50 – $5.00 (including whole fish and other seafood).
Drinks – $0.50 – $2.50 (including cocktails)

What we had…

1 x Grilled frog with lemongrass $3.00
1 x Fresh spring rolls $2.00
1 x Chicken and potato curry $3.00
2 x Draught beer (glass) $1.00
2 x Ice lemon tea $1.00
1 x Mango shake $0.75

Chicken Potato Curry
Chicken Potato Curry
Grilled frog with lemongrass
Grilled frog with lemongrass

TOTAL: $10.75

VERDICT: Extensive menu and very flavoursome food. My fresh spring rolls (cold rolls) were freshly made and delicious. Dwayne’s chicken curry was good. It had too much potato for his liking but I thought the potato was great. Frog delicious but had lots of small bones. The ice lemon tea was the best I’d had for a long time.

Nai Khmer Food Restaurant
Address: Street 9, Old Market Area

Meals between $1.50 – $10.00 (include lobster, whole fish etc)
Drinks between $0.50 – $2.50

Crispy fried frogs
Crispy fried frogs

What we ordered…

1x Fresh egg rolls $2.50
1 x Quail $3.50
1 x Frog $2.50
3 x Draught beer $1.50
2 x Lemon shake $1.00

Egg Rolls
Egg Rolls
Yummy frogs
Yummy frogs
Crispy fried quail.
Crispy fried quail.


TOTAL: $11.00

VERDICT: Delectable. The fried frogs were delicious, crispy and tender. The quail was a bit over cooked. The pepper dipping sauce served with the frog and quail was delicious. The egg rolls – thin omelet filled with salad and rolled up, served with dipping sauce were very good.

Dwayne playing with his food - the quail head!
Dwayne playing with his food – the quail head!

Ladybug Guesthouse
Address: Steung Thmey Village, Sangkat Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap city, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia.

What we had…

2 x American breakfast $7.00

TOTAL $7.00

VERDICT: Breakfast consisted of two eggs and a piece of bacon sausage, toast, butter and jam. A choice of orange juice, tea or coffee and a small plate of fruit. Nothing special. We stuck to cheap local breakfast after this choice.

Temple Sight Restaurant and Bar
Address: Achor Hem Cheav

Drinks between $0.50 – $2.50 (including spirits)

What we had…

1 x Fried rice with pork $2.00
1 x Red curry chicken $3.00
1 x Cambodia Beer (sm bottle) $1.50
1 x Ice lemon tea $0.50

Chicken Curry
Red Chicken Curry

TOTAL: $7.00

VERDICT: Nice setting with upstair dinning area. Free  tea brought to the table. The rice was nice. The chicken curry was different. Taste was ok, more like a stew than a curry… not spicy. But it was full of vegetables and chicken and Dwayne really enjoyed it.


Ambrosia Cafe
Address: 112 Road No 2, 112 Rd No 2, Krong Battambang, Cambodia

What we had…

1 x coffee
1 x pot of green tea
2 x bacon and egg sandwich

Breakfast Sandwich
Breakfast Sandwich

TOTAL: $8.00

VERDICT: We stopped here the day before for a quick breakfast, when she came back to say they didn’t have what we had ordered, we decided to skip breakfast. The next day we went to try again. We asked for the same thing, ‘still no have’ ok. So we asked about the breakfast sandwich… yes we could have those. Dwayne then tried to order from the menu, an expresso ‘no have’, so he tried to order the Swiss Italian Coffee (or something like that)… ‘no have’. So he ordered black coffee with sweet milk. ‘ok have’.

The coffee was ok. The green tea was very weak and didn’t get any stronger as it seeped (I like it strong). The bacon and egg sandwich was nice, three pieces of bread… egg was plain omelet style.

There are places that serve food that is already cooked and you just point to the food you want and say how many serves i.e one or two etc. It is usually served with rice. Very handy when there is a language barrier. The name of this place was written in Cambodian (I assume) so I can’t tell you the name but I did take photo.


1 x Chicken & ginger (this is my description not the name of the dish)
1 x Mild chilli chicken (again my description)
2 x Rice
1 x Cambodian beer (can)
2 x Glass of ice
Water free on table

Chicken and ginger
Chicken and ginger
Mild chilli chicken
Mild chilli chicken

TOTAL: $3.10

VERDICT: Very nice food. Clean serving area. They went and got Dwayne a cold beer from a shop further down the road as they didn’t actually sell beer.


Fresh Pulled Noodle
Address: Street 735 (Riverside Road)

What we had…

1 x Fried pork dumplings $2.50
1 x Boiled pork dumplings $2.50
1 x Chicken soup with pulled noodles $2.50
2 x Coconuts $1.00

Pulled noodles
Pulled noodles
Fried pork dumplings
Fried pork dumplings

TOTAL: $8.50

VERDICT: Really nice dumplings and the pulled noodles were superb. It was interesting to watch them make these noodles. They are called pulled noodle because that is literally what they do. Just fold and pull the dough until they have strings of noodles. Amazing really!

The Rusty Keyhole
Address: Riverside Road, Kampot, Cambodia… Crn of Street 735 (Riverside Road) & Street 724

What we had…

1 x Full rack of ribs (for 2) $8.00
1 x House wine $2.00
1 x Vodka and Sprit (not asked for – just asked for Sprite) $2.00
1 x Fresh OJ $1.50
1 x Water $0.25

Pork Ribs
Pork Ribs

TOTAL: $13.75

VERDICT: Huge meal; couldn’t eat it all. It came with a choice of baked potato or chips etc. Coleslaw. Not ribs as I know them so much meat.

The Rusty Keyhole Happy hour 3-7pm.

Prices –
House spirits and mixers $1.50
Canned beers all $1.00
Draft mug $0.75
Pint $1.20
Jug $2.50

Bohemiaz Eco Retreat
Address: Andong Khmer, Kampot, Cambodia
Phone: +855 15 809 005

Even if you don’t stay at these bungalows it is worth popping in for a drink or a meal. They have a good range of meals including pizza, burgers, wraps, lasagne and Khmer food. The owners and staff are very friendly. We felt like part of the family while we were there. They have a small pool table, fooze ball, cards, and other games such as scrabble etc. If you just want a nice meal or a relaxing drink, and would like a chat with friendly people, head there to get away for an hour or two.

An example of their prices…

Tea $1.00
Coffee $1.50
Lime juice $1.00
Tequila & soda $2.50
Wine $2.75
Pizza (delicious) $6.50
Spring Rolls $3.50
Full English breakfast (real bacon and pork sausage) $5.75
Steak wrap $5.50


Kimly Restaurant
Address: Waterfront Crab Market, Kep, Cambodia

What we had…

Banana chips brought to the table (free)
1 x Beer $0.90
1 x 75ml cointreau and ice $2.00
1 x Savingnon Blanc (bottle) $13.75
1 x Mud crab fried with green pepper sauce (crab by weight) $11.80
1 x Large fried rice $3.80
Pineapple brought out to us at the end of the meal (free)

Fried crab with Kampot green pepper sauce
Fried crab with Kampot green pepper sauce

TOTAL: $32.25

VERDICT: Delicious food. Great setting on the water. Very attentive staff. Clean. Large range of meals and beverages.

Example of prices:

Fried swimmer crabs with pepper sauce (small)$ 7.25 (large) $10.87
Most meals between $5.00 – $10.87
Noodle and rice dishes $2.70 – $5.00
Pasta $2.50 – $5.00

Bottle wine $11.65 – $17.85
French Champagne around $40.00
Angkor beer can $0.90
Spirits $1.75 – $3.75
Tea by the pot $1.00 – $1.50
Glass of tea $0.75
Cocktails $2.00 – $3.00

Kngi Bang Chatt Sailing Club
Address: NR33A, Cambodia

2 x red wine (glass) $8.00

TOTAL: $8.00

VERDICT: Nice relaxing place. Good setting on the water, clean. Pool table. Hobie cats and wind surfers for rent. Tourist prices – wine $4.00, beer $3.00


Palm Beach Burger Bar
Address: Serendipity Road | 40 Meter From Golden Lion, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Drinks- Juice around $2.00, soft drinks around $1.00
Burgers between $3.50 – $4.50

What we ordered…

1 x Beef garlic bacon burger $4.00
1 x Beef cheese bacon burger (with extra garlic) $4.25
2 x Homemade chips $1.50
1 x Anchor draught beer $0.75
1 x Water (small bottle)$0.50

Beef Garlic Bacon Burger
Beef Garlic Bacon Burger

TOTAL: $11.25

VERDICT: Very nice burger. The burger sauce was delicious, not just plain mayo. All burgers have Palm Beach burger sauce or Palm Beach tartare sauce. They have beef, fish and veggie burgers and they also do fish (or shrimp) and chips with coleslaw and green peas.


Don’t eat in Cambodia just for the sake of eating and filling your belly… food in Cambodia is an adventure! Have a little fun! Step out of your comfort zone and wander in to the little places and see what delicious meal is placed before you.

Harry’s House – Komodo Village

Travelling and digesting Indonesia isn’t always about food carts, warungs and restaurants. Sometimes you get a more personal experience by organising a meal at someones house. We met Harry when he came out to our boat as we were anchored off of Komodo Island. As there are no warungs or restaurants in the area Harry offered to take us back to his place for lunch at a cost Rp100000 per head.

We organised to have lunch at his place a few days later, after Kye and Kailey arrived from Adelaide. After taking the kids to see the Komodo dragons, Harry picked us up and took us to his village.

Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragon

Unfortunately Kailey was sick and was not able to join us. We left her snoozing on the boat and headed to Komodo Village. On the walk through the village we saw some of the men carving little wooden komodo dragons which are sold as souvenirs at the entrance to the national park.

Carving the komodo dragon souvenirs.
Carving the komodo dragon souvenirs.

The walk through the village included interacting with the village children which were, as we had come to expect, happy, feisty and very photogenic!


This was Kye's first village and he love the experience of interacting with the kids.
This was Kye’s first village and he loved the experience of interacting with the kids.

Once we arrived at Harry’s house we were introduced to his wife, baby daughter and in-laws.

Harry's family
Harry’s family

Food was already laid out (don’t know how long for…but it didn’t kill us) and we were bid to eat almost immediately. Dwayne had put in his requests with Harry, and Harry’s wife had cooked ayam goreng (fried chicken), ikan bakar (grilled fish), mie goreng (fried noodles), nasi goreng (fried rice) and egg plant. It was all delicious. Harry ate with us but the rest of the family just watched (which is a little off-putting if you are not use to it).

The Spread
The Spread

It was a lovely meal, and after we thanked the family and bid them farewell Harry took us back to our boat.

Harry's boat
Harry bringing his boat to the jetty to pick us up.

Total cost: Rp 400000 (approximately AUS$40) We paid for Kailey even though she was too sick to come.

Verdict: Dwayne had organised the meal with Harry, but at $40 it was a bit expensive for what it was. Good experience though. We hadn’t been sailing Indonesia for too long at this stage, and we did not know much bahasa Indonesian, which made communicating with Harry’s family difficult.

Langkawi Delightful Delicacies!

Trippin’ Turpin’s resident gastronome has once again been dedicated to his duties as our travelling food critic. Trippin’ Turpin’s Foodie aka Dwayne has delighted in a debauchery of decadence as he has dabbled with the delicacies of Langkawi. With no dereliction to duty, undaunted in his daily endeavours, Dwayne delighted in every dollop of the delectable fare. Defiantly, he let not his physical capacity dampen his desire and devotion to his gastronomic duties. Join him now as he imparts an in depth depiction of the delights of Langkawi.

Nasi Lemak Seri Pagi

– Jalan Padang Matsirat

A roadside warung we came across on our first day riding around Langkawi.


3 x nasi lemak parcels
1 x spicy noodle soup
3 x potato puffs
1 x serve long fish cakes
1 x custard drink
1 x water

Total: RM10.60 (AUS $3.65)


Nasi Lemak parcels
Fish Cake

Verdict: So cheap and so good. We were gluttons that day. We had to try the long fish cakes that the lady had just begun to cook and the potato puffs she had just finished cooking. Everything looked so good. You can’t beat the homemade, roadside food…. cheap, really nice and the locals are aways ready for a chat.

A tiny warung where we got out of the rain –  It was on Jalan Teluk Yu. I don’t know the name but I marked the spot on our google map.


2 x kelapa muda (young coconut drink)
2 x chicken soup

Total: RM 15.00 (AUS $5.20)

Chicken Soup

Verdict: Stopping here was a stroke of luck. The spicy chicken soup was delicious. Full of chicken, meatballs, chilli and greens, it was perfect for this rainy, albeit not cold, day.

Bluesman’s Paradise – P. Singa Besar

This little gem of a beach bar is open on a Saturday night and sells beer, wine, satays and chicken wings. All are welcome but you need a boat to get there!

Kitty's kitchen
Kitty’s kitchen
Saturday Blues Night!


1 x satay RM 10.00
1 x chicken wings RM 10.00
1 x beer RM 4.00
1 x red wine (small bottle) RM 20.00

Total: RM44.00 (AUS $15.20)


Roger enjoying his satays!

Verdict: Bluesman’s Paradise is a little gem of a place on Singa Besar Island. Host Enoa treats everybody as welcomed friends. Bread plays his guitar and sailors will often join in with their instruments. It is a wonderful night. Kitty cooks up a storm in a makeshift kitchen. Cooking thai style satay, chicken wing and fried rice. For more about Bluesman’s Paradise visit and which is currently under construction.






Telaga Harbour on the marina.

1 x bread, aioli and olives    RM 10.00
1 x crumbed calamari           RM 12.00
1 x litre of sangria                   RM 20.00
+ 10% service fee

Total RM 46.20 (AUS $16.00)

Bread, aioli and olives
Crumbed calamari

Verdict: Sangria happy hour from 11:00 – 20:00 – two for one. Half craft for RM 20.00 will get you a litre. One large craft for RM 38.00 will get you – two litres. It is a fruity sangria more like a punch. No red wine in it. It is very nice though, very refreshing. They have ala carte menu as well as the tapas. Food is really good and it’s a nice setting on the marina.

Thai Town Seafood Restaurant

– Jalan Pandak Mayah 1

1 x Karabu Tin Lai (chicken feet salad)   RM 10.00
1 x Pat Pet Beef                                                    RM 18.00
1 x Thai Style Three Flavour Duck            RM 28.00
1 x Thai Style Fried Rice                                  RM   6.00
1 x steam rice bowl                                            RM   2.00
1 x fresh Orange Juice                                     RM   3.50
1 x small bottles water                                    RM   2.00

Total:  RM 69.50 (AUS $24.00)

Thai Style Three Flavour Duck
Thai style fried rice
Thai Style Fried Rice
Chickens feet salad
Karabu Tin Lai
Pet Pat Beef
Pat Pet Beef

Verdict: Very very delicious. Excellent! A bit of a treat as we spent over AUS $20!

Nasi Campur next to The Pier  (see my google map for address)

2 x plate of self serve food
1 x small bottle water
1 x coke

Total: RM 31.50 (AUS $11.00)

Steak, chicken, vegetables with cockles and fried eggplant.

Verdict: Good food. They do BBQ steak, chicken and fish as well as a huge selection of curries, vegetable, clams, squid, and salad.

The Pier

– Persiaran Mutiara 2

3 x white wine            RM  24.00
1 Tiger Beer (glass) RM    5.00
1 x bottle water        RM    3.00

Total: RM 32.00 (AUS $11.00)

Verdict: A place where the sailors gather. Cheap drinks. Happy hour between 16:00 – 21:00. The above prices are not happy hour prices. Does meals – didn’t eat there.

Happy Hour beer prices

Tiger              RM  4.00
Carlseberg RM  4.00
Skol                RM  3.00

Shopping Centre Food Court

Sizzling and Claypot

1 x sizzling fried rice and egg RM   6.50

Total: RM  6.50 (AUS $2.25)

Sizzling fried rice
Sizzling fried rice

Soup Corner

1 x Keoy Teow RM   5.00
6 x extras (@ 0.50 each) RM   3.00

Total: RM  8.00  (AUS $ 2.80)


Verdict: Kelly’s sizzling fried rice – nice but nothing special. Dwayne’s soup – delicious.


2 x Nami Lemak with curry chicken  RM 12.90 each
1 x Water                                                          RM 2.00
1 x ice tea                                                          RM 4.50

Total: RM 32.30 (AUS $11.15)

Verdict: PappaRich is a restaurant that we have seen in various Malaysian locations. They offer some reasonably priced meals. The nasi lemak is delicious.

Nasi Kandar Penang – Restoran Nazir Idris

We got take away –

4 x fried chicken
1 x roti with egg and curry sauce
1 x beef curry and rice

Total: RM 22.50


Verdict: Very tasty and very friendly staff/owner


When you mention Penang everyone thinks about the food. The food on Penang is supposedly fantastic. I say supposedly because even though it was really nice it didn’t make a huge impression on our little gastronome… Trippin’ Turpin’s Resident Foodie, aka Dwayne. We have spent the last 6 months in Indonesia and Malaysia which might have something to do with our lack of enthusiasm for the food or it might have simply been the places we chose to eat at. Don’t get me wrong we both really enjoyed most of what we ate, it just wasn’t the be all and end all of food for us.

Penang’s signature dish is the asam laksa. We both love laksa but the asam laksa has a sour taste – asam meaning sour, therefore it wasn’t a favourite of our taste palette. Having said that it was still very good.

Asam Laksa

Malaysia’s signature dish would have to be nasi lemak and in Penang we both loved the nasi lemak as always. Nasi Lemak is simple food which is often eaten for breakfast. Rice cooked with coconut milk, served with anchovy sambal, peanuts, egg and cucumber. It really is delicious.

Penang, like the rest of Malaysia is a mix of Malay, Chinese and India and this mix of cultures is reflected in the many different types of food available. We had nasi lemak and other Malay delicacies, superb Chinese Buk Kut Teh and Indian Nasi Kandar. Nasi Kandar is similar to the masakan padang of Indonesia. Basically it is a serve of rice with “help yourself” curries and vegetable dishes, usually in a Indian – Muslim eatery. Nasi Kandar originated in Penang. Our first night we found a good Nasi Kandar BUT, I hate to say this, I was so hungry I forget to take any photos or write down the price… sorry guys!

The next day we found a delicious buk kut teh.

Zealand Buk Kut Teh and Seafood Restaurant – Gurney Drive

1 x buk kut teh (for one)      RM 16.00
1 x yew char kaih                     RM 3.50
1 x rice                                           RM 1.60
1 x char yin yong                      RM 7.00
1 x ice chinese tea                   RM 1.20
1 x small water                          RM 2.00

Total: RM 31.30 (Approx AUS $ 11.00)

buk kut teh
buk kut teh
yew char kaih
yew char kaih
char yin yong
char yin yong

Verdict: Delicious. The Buk Kut Teh was excellent. It was a broth with lots of meat – pork, pork balls, tofu and mushrooms. It was enough for two to share especially with the yew char kaih which we didn’t know we’d ordered – they were delicious dipped into the broth of the buk kut teh. Not knowing how large a serve it was to be we had ordered the char yin yong as well. This was a noodle dish with prawns etc. Not much flavour, not spicy. Open 07:30 – 15:30.

Food Court on Lebuh Pantai (Beach Street)

2 x nasi lemak plus extra chicken leg cost RM 8.00
2 x small water RM 2.50 for two

1 x spicy wanton mee soup RM 5.00

Total: RM 15.50 (AUS $5.45)

nasi lemak
nasi lemak

Verdict: The lasi lemak was excellent, but Dwayne’s chicken leg was not cook properly – still raw. The wanton soup was delicious. The food court on Lebuh Pantai has Malaysian, Chinese, Taiwan, Japanese and Thai to name a few.

We stopped at another place on Gurney Drive for Buk Kut Teh

1 x buk kut teh (small) RM 18.00
1 x rice (for two) RM 3.00
1 x Fresh Orange Juice RM 4.00
1 x water (small) RM 1.00

Total: RM 26.00 (AUS $9.15)

Pork Rib Buk Kut Teh
Pork Rib Buk Kut Teh

Verdict: Not as nice as the first buk kut teh that we had at Zealand, but still very nice. We had the buk kut teh with the pork ribs. They were very tender. Just broth and ribs, no mushroom or vegetable, but it did have a very nice flavour. (63 Gurney Drive – very close to Zealand Buk Kut The). Open 10:30 – 15:00 and 18:00 – 23:00 Closed Thursdays.

Persiaran Gurney – Gurney Drive Hawker Centre – Open 18:00 – 00:00

We tried food from five different stalls and most of it was delicious.

1 x Fried Oyster RM 15.00 (also comes in a RM 10.00 serve)

fried oyster

Verdict: Quite nice. It is oysters fried in a messy pancake style.

1 x Asam Laksa RM 3.50 (AUS $1.23)

Asam Laksa

Verdict: The laksa itself was nice but we prefer laksa that is not sour i.e. sarawak laksa, curry laksa.

1 x serve steamed vegetable dumplings RM 6.00

Steam Vegetable Dumplings

Verdict: Bloody dreadful, couldn’t eat them. Cold, gluggy and tasteless.

Satay International

5 x kambing (goat) satay
5 x ayam (chicken) satay
1 x nasi impit (rice cake)
1 x satay sauce

Total: RM 9.00 (AUS $3.16)

Satay International
Dwayne with his goat and chicken satays.

Verdict: Nice. Great satay sauce. Didn’t like the meat marinated as it made it too sweet.

Apom Pancake

3 x banana
3 x coconut

Total: RM 3.00

Banana Pancakes
Banana Pancakes
Coconut Pancakes
Coconut Pancakes

Verdict: Yummy. Coconut pancakes crispy and the banana pancakes fluffy.

Food Court

Food from three different stalls.

1 x Dry chill claypot frog (small) RM  9.00

Chilli Claypot Frog
Dry chill claypot frog

Verdict: Really very nice. Would have again.

1 x roti babi (pork sandwich) RM  5.00

Roti Babi
Roti Babi – pork toasted sandwich.

Verdict: Not what I was expecting. Too much oil on bread. Fried.

Stall – Duck Drumstick Mee Suah

1 x 1/2 roast duck                   Rm 18.00
1 x rice                                           RM  1.00
1 x bean sprouts                      RM  1.00

Total: RM 20.00

Roast Duck
Roast Duck
Bean Sprouts
Bean Sprouts

Verdict: Duck was great. Nice and crispy and flavoursome. Delicious!


1 x can coke
1 x (Water small)
2 x glass of ice

Total: RM 3.90

Coconut Ice cream
Coconut Ice cream – Little India


Batam Bites

Rezeki – Rumah Makan seafood (Seafood Restaurant)

Dwayne, Garry, Janice and Libby at Rezeki’s huge over the water restaurant.

Garry and Libby from the yacht Aquarius insisted we try Rezeki’s, so a small group of us went there for a lunchtime feast and we were not disappointed. We were joined by Janice from the yacht Zoa and the five of us enjoyed crab, fish, squid with rice, veg and beer for approximately AUS $20 per person.

Choosing our very fresh crabs.


What we ordered:

3 x chilli crab Rp308000
1 x fish (about 700g) Rp175000
1 salt & pepper squid Rp75000
1 x nasi goreng Rp60000
1 x cap cay (mixed veg) Rp45000
3 x lemon juice Rp60000
5 x large Bintang beer Rp200000

Total: Rp923000 + Tax Rp923000 = 1,015300 (approx AUS $100 = $20 per person)

Verdict: Great chilli crab. Dwayne says it’s the best chilli crab he has ever had…. even better than mine. Ouch!

Chilli Crab
Delicious fish
Chilli crab

Batu Besar

Batu Besar is a village close to the Nongsa Point Marina (about 10 minute drive). At Batu Besar we found lots of nice cheap warungs. Our favourites included RM Mekar Sari and Bahagia 2.

RM Mekar Sari

RM Mekar Sari is a small warung that advertised Gule Kambing. Dwayne loves anything with goat so he just had to try it. During the week we stayed in Batam we tried many of the dishes from Mekar Sari including the gule (gulai) kambing, sates, bebek goreng (fried duck) and nasi goreng kambing.

Gulai Kambing
Gulai Kambing

What we ordered: 

1 x white rice Rp4000
1 x lontong (rice cake) Rp3000
2 x gulai kambing Rp44000
2 x fresh orange juice Rp10000

Total: Rp61000 (approximately AUS $6.10)

Kangkung (water spinach)

What we ordered:

2 x Bebek Penyet Rp50000
1 x sate ayam Rp13000
1 x sate kambing Rp18000
1 x kangkung cah Rp12000
2 x white rice Rp 10000
1 x fresh orange juice Rp5000
1 x small bottle water Rp4000

Total: Rp112000 (approximately AUS $11.20)

Verdict: The gulai kambing is delicious. Gulai is a spicy coconut broth which you eat with rice. The duck wasn’t the best I have had but still nice. The nasi goreng kambing was delicious!

Bebek Penyet

Bahagia 2

This Masakan Padang (serve of rice and lots of little dishes of food) is delicious and reasonably priced. We ate there several times and once got take away and had dinner on Thorfinn with Gary and Libby. I can’t remember the price sorry! But was cheap and really good. The best masakan padang we’d been to.

Bahagia 2

I think all this food cost us about Rp100000 (approx AUS $10) including a beer!



Amazon Seafood Restaurant

Amazon is another seafood restaurant. This one is near the ferry terminal five minutes from Nongsa Point Marina. Dwayne and I dined here one night and enjoyed it very much.

What we ordered:

1 x chilli seabass (about 600g) Rp 138000
1 frogs legs in garlic Rp60000
1 x broccoli Rp55000
1 x clay pot rice Rp500000
1 x large bin tang beer Rp650000

Total: Rp368000 + Tax Rp36000 = Rp 404800 (Approx Aus $40.00)

Verdict: The frogs legs were amazing! The setting, which is also on the water, is nicer than Reseki. The food is a bit different from Rezeki’s so impossible for me to say which is the best. I had frogs legs (my favourite) at Amazon, whereas Dwayne loved the chilli crab at Rezeki’s.

Frogs legs
Chilli seabass
The broccoli.
Clay Pot Rice


Kuching, the capital of Sarawak, Malaysia on the island of Borneo. Wow what a venerable variation of victuals! Dwayne once again took on the job of Trippin’ Turpins Foodie as he vicariously and voraciously vanquished various victuals, with valour and vigour until no vestige was to be found on his plate… bar a bone or two. During his victorious effort, my little gastronome valiantly fought venial ventral distension to bring us verdicts on Kuching’s indigenous delights.

Laksa Sarawak is a highlight of Kuching. This famous laksa, served predominately for breakfast, has to be one of the most secretly guarded recipes around. I found a search on the net does reveal some recipes, but I have yet to try one, and just how authentic they are is to be seen, or in this instance  – tasted. I have never eaten so much laksa in my life. In the first two days three of my meals consisted of laksa and the following two days included more. By far the best laksa we had was at Ze` Kiosk on the waterfront, but because this laksa is predominately served for breakfast (and we had breakie at our hotel) we didn’t get to try the local laksa sold for breakfast in many of the small stalls.

The Waterfront

Ze` Kiosk

Laksa Sarawak
Laksa Sarawak

2 x laksa RM 6.00 each
2 x water
1 x fresh orange juice

TOTAL: RM 22.00 (Approximately AUS $7.70)

VERDICT: Our favourite laksa. Exquisite! Nice setting on the water.

James Brooke Bistro

Green Curry
Green Curry

1 x Sarawak laksa RM 9.00
1 x nasi goreng RM 9.90
1 x green curry and steamed rice RM 26.00
1 x brandy and coke RM 15.00
2 x beer (glass) RM 9.00 each

TOTAL RM 78.80 (Approximately AUS $27.00)

Laksa Sarawak
Laksa Sarawak
Nasi Goreng
Nasi Goreng
Green Curry
Green Curry

Also at James Brooke Bistro

2 x deep fried chicken wings RM 8.00 each
1 x Wild Borneo Laksa RM 9.90
1 x Sarawak Tom Yam Laksa RM 9.90
2 x beer (glass) RM 9.00 each
1 x can coke RM 5.00

Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings
Wild Borneo Laksa
Sarawak Tom Yam Laksa

TOTAL: RM 58.80 (Approximately AUS $20)

VERDICT: Nice food, great setting and reasonably priced.  Garden setting on the water front. The Sarawak and Wild Borneo laksa are both delicious. The tom yam laksa was not what I felt like at the time but was still very nice. The tom yam laksa is an asam style laksa so it is spicy and sour. The brandy and coke tasted like water.

The Open Air Markets

These markets are situated in two areas, which despite the name are in fact completely covered. One area predominately serves Malay food, while the other serves Chinese food. Cheap food and most of what we tried was very nice.

Pheng Kee

We served ourselves.

Phee peng

Open Air Markets

Dwayne – Chicken curry, beef curry, egg plant, beans and rice.


Kelly – Chicken leg, chicken curry, beans and rice


TOTAL RM 15.00 (Approximately AUS $5.20)

VERDICT: Dwayne’s chicken and beef choices were pretty average, mine on the other hand were delicious! Plenty to eat and so cheap!

Hock Heng

Hock Heng

2 x laksa RM 4.00 each
1 x water RM 1.00
1 x soy milk RM 1.20

Sarawak Laksa
Sarawak Laksa

TOTAL: RM 10.20 (Approximately AUS $ 3.59)

VERDICT: While not the best laksa we tried it was still very nice.

RNR Food Centre

Lot 674 No.99 Jalan Astana, Kuching.

RNR Food Centre

We discovered RNR Food Centre as we were scooting around Kuching. RNR is across the river from the main Kuching area. This large eatery is a ‘help-yourself’ and has lots of delicious choices.

Dwayne – 2 x veg, fish curry, chicken curry, goat curry and a beef rendang.
Kelly – 2 x veg, chicken curry, goat curry and the beef rendang.

1 x ice tea


TOTAL: RM 22.10 (Approximately AUS $7.80)

VERDICT: Very nice, cheap and plenty to choose from.

Riverside Hawker Stalls

Riverside Hawker Stalls

This large food court is across the river from Kuching’s main ‘Waterfront’. It is easy to get to though, just take a ride across the river on one of the many river boats. At RM 0.50 it will not break the bank… that’s only approximately AUS $ 0.17! There are 17 stalls to choose from; about three of them sell drinks and the other 14 sell food.

Stall 11 Mee Kolok

1 x Sup daging (beef soup) RM 7.00
1 Laksa sarawak Special RM 5.00

Sup Daging
Sup Daging
Laksa Sarawak
Laksa Sarawak

Stall 16 Ikan Bakar

1 x grilled prawns RM 16.00

Grilled Prawns
Grilled Prawns

Stall 4
1 x coke + glass of ice RM 2.00

Stall 9 Fruit Juice

1 x apple and orange juice RM 5.00


TOTAL: RM 35.00 (Approximately AUS $12.00)

Bla Bla Bla

27 Jalan Tabuan, Kuching

Bla Bla Bla

1 x 1/2 sesame chicken RM 30.00
1 x ostrich rolls RM 20.00
1 x mango duck RM 48.00
2 x steamed rice RM 1.50 each
1 x carlesburg RM 11.00
1 x can coke RM 4.00
1 x bottle Waipua Sav Blanc RM 115.00

Mango Duck
Mango Duck
Ostrich Rolls - these were really yummy
Ostrich Rolls – these were really yummy
Sesame Chicken
Sesame Chicken

TOTAL: RM 231 (Approximately AUS $81.00) – half of which was the bottle of wine.

VERDICT: I would describe the food of this little gem as contemporary Asian. Wonderful setting and exquisite ambience. The food was delicious and the servings are huge. A great place to dine with a group because the meals are perfect for sharing. Friendly, helpful staff suggested they swap the salad, usually served on the mango duck, to the crispy sweet leaves which we wanted to try.

They served all sorts of yummy food including deer, sea cucumber, peking duck, mussels and oysters. There is something for all tastes.

All in all Kuching was a taste sensation!

Kuala Lumpur – Eats and Drinks

Our six nights in Kuala Lumpur was, for Dwayne, a time of gastronomical delight!

Petaling Street Markets

The Petaling Street Markets had an assortment of delicacies including frog porridge, or if you prefer raw fish porridge or crispy innards porridge… enough on the porridge as we didn’t eat it!

Dwayne loved this stall that was full of splayed ducks, dried duck and sausages.
This dried pork meat was being cooked up everywhere.
Chestnuts roasted with coffee beans.
Dwayne waiting for his serve of chestnuts. Delicious was his verdict!

Hong Kee – Famous Clay Pot Chicken Rice

1 x Clay Pot Chicken (for two)

Total: RM30

Verdict: Delicious. Really very good, friendly staff.


Pork Ball Noodle (that’s the only part of the sign I could read…. name was probably in Chinese)

2 x laksa

Total: RM 6

Verdict: Average. Nothing special.

A soup stall in the markets. Were we got our Laksa.
The Laksa

Jalan Alor

This street, full of hawker stalls, is a cornucopia of culinary delights. Jalan Alor is located in the Bukit Bintang area and a must-visit food destination when in  KL. There is an immense array of food to choose from including the yummy skewered frogs, dum sum, pho and a really nice coconut ice cream.

Restoran Beh Brothers

Dum sum

1 x Ho Yip fan (Glutinous rice, chicken and Chinese sausage wrapped in lotus leaf)
1 x Chicken feet
1 x Choi Mai (pork)
1 x Pork dumpling

Total: cheap

Verdict: Delicious

Dum Sum
Dum Sum

Jalan Alor Vietnamese

1 x Beef salad
1 x chicken pho
1 x beef pho
1 x small water
1 x large Heineken

Total: RM61

Verdict: Very nice.

Chicken Pho

Jl. Alor (didn’t get the name of it)

1 x frog skewer RM15
1 x duck skewer
1 x escargot skewer
1 x skewered prawn
1 x tofu wrapped enoki mushroom and lettuce skewer.

Total: cheap

Verdict: Brilliant, delicious. I love the frog. I swear I could eat Kermit everyday.

Huge Prawns
Our selection for dinner
Yummy frog
Escargot Skewer and Duck Skewer
Enoki Mushrooms and Lettuce wrapped in Tofu and fried.

Sutraa Kitchen and Bar – happy hour

Two for one margaritas RM45

Frozen Margarita
Frozen Margarita

I wasn’t coping with the “brain freeze” so ordered a classic margarita next!

Classic Margarita
Classic Margarita

Kanching Waterfall Cafe

2 x Nasi Lamak (a parcel of rice, chilli anchovy samba, 1/2 an egg and cucumber)
1 x coke
1 x small water

Total RM12

Verdict: Very nice little parcel wrapped in brown paper and banana leaves.

Dwayne went back for seconds and ordered a meal.

1 x Rice, chicken and veg RM 7

Warung Penyet (KL Sental Mall)

2 x rawon soup
2 x rice
1 x crispy chicken wings
1 x lemon tea
1 x pepsi

Total: RM 31.70

Verdict: Advertised as traditional Indonesian food. It was delicious. Busy restaurant and very noisy.

Rawon Soup and Crispy Wings

Al Hameeds – Penung Nasi Kandor on Jl Pudu Lama, Bukit Bintang

3 x curries (2xchicken and1xgoat)
2 x rice
1 x vegetable dish
2 x roti
1 x pappadoms
1 x mango juice
1 x lemon water

Total: RM 44

Verdict: Delicious, really good. Nice airy restaurant.



Mango Juice
Hows that for a mango juice!

Restoran Royal Kafe (for breakfast)

1 x roti
1 x Murtabak Ayam (chicken stuffed roti)
1 x lychee drink
2 x small water

Total: RM 11.20

Verdict: really good.

Murtabak Ayam
Murtabak Ayam

Froggy Cafe

1 x ice coffee
1 x ice blended passionfruit tea

Total: RM 14.80

Verdict: very nice.

Ice Coffee
Ice Coffee

Watch the video at:

Bali Eats

We love Balinese food! This was our favourite restaurant in Bali Dino Dapur Inovasi Dino Dapur Inovasi

Ayam Goreng
Laksa Ayam
Nasi Goreng and Ayam Betutu


What we had (one of the times ate there)…..

1 x chicken laksa
1 x nasi goreng rendang sapi (fried rice, with beef and flavoured with curry)
1 x kangkung (water spinach)
1 x ice tea
1 x ice lemon tea

Total: Rp 53000 approximately AUS $5.30

Verdict: Probably our favourite restaurant in Bali. It’s a little out of the way but worth a visit. A huge selection of nasi gorengs to choose from. My favourites were the nasi goreng gulai kambing and the nasi goreng rendang sapi, ayam betutu, kangkung and the laksa ayam. We have eaten there a lot and they have a huge selection of food and everything we have had it delicious. We had a meal at Dino’s with Marie and Jedd when they were in Bali. We enjoyed Ayam betutu, nasi goreng, prawns, veg, beers, mie goreng… you name it we ate it…. all forAUS $17 The music they play at Dino is often too loud. The restaurant is clean, open and airy but on a main road.

We found some great places in, and around kuta. In Denpasar we found an interesting place, with tasty food, that served babi guling (spit roast big). Basically they serve every part of the pig. Crispy pig ears and trotters, sates and soups plus a lot more. Delicious!

The best beef rendang was at Kalazan on Jl. Raya Kuta.

Out at Serangan they serve a lot of seafood in the local warungs. We had a great meal with some friends where we enjoyed the prawns (udang) and grilled fish (Ikan Bakar) so much that we went back a second time. The prawns are delicious grilled over coconut husks and basted with their special concoction of onions and garlic…. the fish is also grilled the same way and then served with rice and sambal. They serve it with a chilli tomato sambal and sambal matah which is a sambal of onion, garlic, lemongrass and is so delicious. The run down..


Warung Batan Santen

Fish and prawns cooking over coconut husk.
Sambal Matah

What we ordered…

2 x Grilled prawns
1 x grilled fish
1 x kangkung
2 x rice
1 x bintang
1 x small bottle water.

Total: Rp 190000 about AUS $19

Verdict: Delicious food. Love the sambal matah. Very friendly people.

Warung Pojok

1 x grilled fish, rice, sambal
1 x nasi goreng special (includes fried rice, fried egg, and fried chicken (leg & thigh)
1 x kangkung (water spinach)
2 x small bintang
2 x Smirnoff ice

Total: Rp199000 about AUS $20

Verdict: desini makan enak sikali. The food here is delicious. Very friendly place, good food.

Warung Biru Aremastrong Stand 20, WR Papa ARSA (Bu Lowis) Serangan

4 x BBQ prawns
4 x rice
4 x Kangkung (water spinach)
1 x BBQ fish
8 x small bintang
2 x can coke

Total: Approximately Rp450000 Which worked out to about AUS $12.50 per person.

Verdict: Very nice. Have had better on Serangan, but it was a really good feast with friends Ilija and Oleg.

My birthday lunch was next door to stand 20… maybe 19?

It was delicious. I can’t tell you how much it cost but it would have been peanuts. We enjoyed fish, rice, kangkung (water spinach), seaweed and more.

Ikan Bakar
Sambal, Kangkung and Seaweed
Ikan Bakar

Warung Pok Cong – Serangan

Friendly people at Warung Pak Cong
Soto Ayam
The Crispy (Kentucky) Chicken and Nasi Goreng
Ayam Goreng, Rice, Soto Ayam, Nasi Goreng and Crispy Chicken

1 x nasi goreng (fried rice)
1 x crispy fried chicken
1 x soto ayam (chicken soup)
1 x ayam goreng (fried chicken with rice and Sambal)
1 x bottle of tea

Total: Rp 53000 AUS $5.30

Verdict: Very friendly place. Not a huge selection as these small warungs usually specialise in one or two things. The soto ayam is delicious. Very nice nasi and ayam goreng. We often came back here for a meal.

Bakso Carts Bakso from the carts is delicious!

Yummy Bakso. Meatball, noodle soup
Dwayne loves his Bakso!

Kuta & Tuban SABAKUL Saung Bandung Kuliner – Jl Raya Kuta, Tuban

Crispy Duck
Crispy ‘soft bone’ duck

2 x Bebek goreng Tulang Lunak Sambal (which means something along the line of… soft bone fried duck with sambal)  Rp35000 each.
1 x mango shake @ Rp 15000
1 x small bottle water @ Rp 5000

Total: Rp 90000 (approximately AUS $9)

Verdict: Delicious. The sambal (not a chill sambal) was not hot and had very delicious flavours. The  duck was cooked to perfection and the bones were edible… I ate everything on my plate… I mean everything, even the garnish. Would definitely eat here again.

Kalazan – Jl. Raya Kuta not far from Hotel Ratna. The best Beef Rendang, I can’t remember how much it cost but it would have been bugger all. And it is hands-down the best rendang in Bali.

Beef Rendang, rice, kangkung, and spicy potatoes


Tiny warung –  Jl. Raya Kuta (Can’t remember the name of it).

2 x fried chicken served with rice and sambal
2 x ice tea

Total: Rp 46000 approximately $4.60

Verdict: Delicious meal and so cheap. If you are looking to save money these little warung are the way to go. They are there for the locals and only the adventurous tourist will bother exploring these places. Very nice traditional food.

Warung Biru Arema – Jl Raya Kuta

1 x rawon soup Rp15000
1 x fuyung Hai Rp15000
1 x nasi goreng Rp15000
1 x ayam mentega Rp15000
1 x ice tea Rp5000
1 x small water Rp5000

Total: Rp70000 approximately AUS $7

Verdict: Friendly little warung on Jl Raya Kuta, set back from the road with about four others. Delicious food. The fuyung hai is a bit like an omelet only very different… can’t explain it. Yummy. Dwayne’s rawon had all his favourite bits and pieces in it… tendons, veins etc. Kuta Longtong Sayur Padong ‘Bu Adam”

Nasi Kebuli Kambing
Beef Rendang

2 x Nasi Kebuli Kambing Rp20000 each
2 x Rendang Beef
2 x ice tea

Total: I think this meal came Rp80000 approximately AUS $8

Verdict: Delicious!  Very friendly proprietor explained that the nasi kebuli kambing was a special served only on Thurdays and fridays. It is of middle eastern origins taught to him by his grandmother. It was delicious goat, rice and spice. Rendang was yummy too.

Sanur Sate Babi – Small warung

2 x sate babi with rice cake (about 7 sates)
1 x sate babi without rice cake (about 10 sates)
1 x large bintang

Total: Rp 60000 AUS $6

Verdict: Awesome little sates. So delicious, the best I’ve had. The sate sauce has a little bite to it. Love the rice cake with the sate.

Titi’es Warung Semawang Beach Sanur (I didn’t get any photos… food didn’t look that good)

1 x chicken spring rolls (3) Rp 20000
1 x shrimp spring rolls (3) Rp 25000
2 x beef rendang Rp 45000 each
1 x mango juice Rp 15000
1 x small water Rp 5000

Total: Rp 155000 (approximately AUS $15.50)

Verdict: Chicken spring rolls had more flavour than the shrimp. Beef rendang was not rendang. It was nothing at all like a rendang is supposed to be. It was too runny/watery and too sweet. Dwayne like it. I did not; it was edible but not worth the Rp 45000. Setting on the beach is nice. Eaten here twice now and I have been disappointed both times. Nice food but not what I expected. Will not bother again.

Odah Oning – Semawang Beach Sanur

Sate Ayam
Babi Kecap
Nasi Goreng

1 x nasi goreng Rp25000
1 x sate chicken Rp 30000
1 x babi (pork) kecap Rp 35000

Verdict: Very nice food and a nice setting on the beach.


A place called Candra that specialised in babi guling (spit roast pig). All parts of the pig were used!

The mixed pork…. a bit of everything!
Sate Babi (Pork Sates)

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