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Batam Bites

Rezeki – Rumah Makan seafood (Seafood Restaurant)

Dwayne, Garry, Janice and Libby at Rezeki’s huge over the water restaurant.

Garry and Libby from the yacht Aquarius insisted we try Rezeki’s, so a small group of us went there for a lunchtime feast and we were not disappointed. We were joined by Janice from the yacht Zoa and the five of us enjoyed crab, fish, squid with rice, veg and beer for approximately AUS $20 per person.

Choosing our very fresh crabs.


What we ordered:

3 x chilli crab Rp308000
1 x fish (about 700g) Rp175000
1 salt & pepper squid Rp75000
1 x nasi goreng Rp60000
1 x cap cay (mixed veg) Rp45000
3 x lemon juice Rp60000
5 x large Bintang beer Rp200000

Total: Rp923000 + Tax Rp923000 = 1,015300 (approx AUS $100 = $20 per person)

Verdict: Great chilli crab. Dwayne says it’s the best chilli crab he has ever had…. even better than mine. Ouch!

Chilli Crab
Delicious fish
Chilli crab

Batu Besar

Batu Besar is a village close to the Nongsa Point Marina (about 10 minute drive). At Batu Besar we found lots of nice cheap warungs. Our favourites included RM Mekar Sari and Bahagia 2.

RM Mekar Sari

RM Mekar Sari is a small warung that advertised Gule Kambing. Dwayne loves anything with goat so he just had to try it. During the week we stayed in Batam we tried many of the dishes from Mekar Sari including the gule (gulai) kambing, sates, bebek goreng (fried duck) and nasi goreng kambing.

Gulai Kambing
Gulai Kambing

What we ordered: 

1 x white rice Rp4000
1 x lontong (rice cake) Rp3000
2 x gulai kambing Rp44000
2 x fresh orange juice Rp10000

Total: Rp61000 (approximately AUS $6.10)

Kangkung (water spinach)

What we ordered:

2 x Bebek Penyet Rp50000
1 x sate ayam Rp13000
1 x sate kambing Rp18000
1 x kangkung cah Rp12000
2 x white rice Rp 10000
1 x fresh orange juice Rp5000
1 x small bottle water Rp4000

Total: Rp112000 (approximately AUS $11.20)

Verdict: The gulai kambing is delicious. Gulai is a spicy coconut broth which you eat with rice. The duck wasn’t the best I have had but still nice. The nasi goreng kambing was delicious!

Bebek Penyet

Bahagia 2

This Masakan Padang (serve of rice and lots of little dishes of food) is delicious and reasonably priced. We ate there several times and once got take away and had dinner on Thorfinn with Gary and Libby. I can’t remember the price sorry! But was cheap and really good. The best masakan padang we’d been to.

Bahagia 2

I think all this food cost us about Rp100000 (approx AUS $10) including a beer!



Amazon Seafood Restaurant

Amazon is another seafood restaurant. This one is near the ferry terminal five minutes from Nongsa Point Marina. Dwayne and I dined here one night and enjoyed it very much.

What we ordered:

1 x chilli seabass (about 600g) Rp 138000
1 frogs legs in garlic Rp60000
1 x broccoli Rp55000
1 x clay pot rice Rp500000
1 x large bin tang beer Rp650000

Total: Rp368000 + Tax Rp36000 = Rp 404800 (Approx Aus $40.00)

Verdict: The frogs legs were amazing! The setting, which is also on the water, is nicer than Reseki. The food is a bit different from Rezeki’s so impossible for me to say which is the best. I had frogs legs (my favourite) at Amazon, whereas Dwayne loved the chilli crab at Rezeki’s.

Frogs legs
Chilli seabass
The broccoli.
Clay Pot Rice