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Harry’s House – Komodo Village

Travelling and digesting Indonesia isn’t always about food carts, warungs and restaurants. Sometimes you get a more personal experience by organising a meal at someones house. We met Harry when he came out to our boat as we were anchored off of Komodo Island. As there are no warungs or restaurants in the area Harry offered to take us back to his place for lunch at a cost Rp100000 per head.

We organised to have lunch at his place a few days later, after Kye and Kailey arrived from Adelaide. After taking the kids to see the Komodo dragons, Harry picked us up and took us to his village.

Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragon

Unfortunately Kailey was sick and was not able to join us. We left her snoozing on the boat and headed to Komodo Village. On the walk through the village we saw some of the men carving little wooden komodo dragons which are sold as souvenirs at the entrance to the national park.

Carving the komodo dragon souvenirs.
Carving the komodo dragon souvenirs.

The walk through the village included interacting with the village children which were, as we had come to expect, happy, feisty and very photogenic!


This was Kye's first village and he love the experience of interacting with the kids.
This was Kye’s first village and he loved the experience of interacting with the kids.

Once we arrived at Harry’s house we were introduced to his wife, baby daughter and in-laws.

Harry's family
Harry’s family

Food was already laid out (don’t know how long for…but it didn’t kill us) and we were bid to eat almost immediately. Dwayne had put in his requests with Harry, and Harry’s wife had cooked ayam goreng (fried chicken), ikan bakar (grilled fish), mie goreng (fried noodles), nasi goreng (fried rice) and egg plant. It was all delicious. Harry ate with us but the rest of the family just watched (which is a little off-putting if you are not use to it).

The Spread
The Spread

It was a lovely meal, and after we thanked the family and bid them farewell Harry took us back to our boat.

Harry's boat
Harry bringing his boat to the jetty to pick us up.

Total cost: Rp 400000 (approximately AUS$40) We paid for Kailey even though she was too sick to come.

Verdict: Dwayne had organised the meal with Harry, but at $40 it was a bit expensive for what it was. Good experience though. We hadn’t been sailing Indonesia for too long at this stage, and we did not know much bahasa Indonesian, which made communicating with Harry’s family difficult.