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Langkawi Delightful Delicacies!

Trippin’ Turpin’s resident gastronome has once again been dedicated to his duties as our travelling food critic. Trippin’ Turpin’s Foodie aka Dwayne has delighted in a debauchery of decadence as he has dabbled with the delicacies of Langkawi. With no dereliction to duty, undaunted in his daily endeavours, Dwayne delighted in every dollop of the delectable fare. Defiantly, he let not his physical capacity dampen his desire and devotion to his gastronomic duties. Join him now as he imparts an in depth depiction of the delights of Langkawi.

Nasi Lemak Seri Pagi

– Jalan Padang Matsirat

A roadside warung we came across on our first day riding around Langkawi.


3 x nasi lemak parcels
1 x spicy noodle soup
3 x potato puffs
1 x serve long fish cakes
1 x custard drink
1 x water

Total: RM10.60 (AUS $3.65)


Nasi Lemak parcels
Fish Cake

Verdict: So cheap and so good. We were gluttons that day. We had to try the long fish cakes that the lady had just begun to cook and the potato puffs she had just finished cooking. Everything looked so good. You can’t beat the homemade, roadside food…. cheap, really nice and the locals are aways ready for a chat.

A tiny warung where we got out of the rain –  It was on Jalan Teluk Yu. I don’t know the name but I marked the spot on our google map.


2 x kelapa muda (young coconut drink)
2 x chicken soup

Total: RM 15.00 (AUS $5.20)

Chicken Soup

Verdict: Stopping here was a stroke of luck. The spicy chicken soup was delicious. Full of chicken, meatballs, chilli and greens, it was perfect for this rainy, albeit not cold, day.

Bluesman’s Paradise – P. Singa Besar

This little gem of a beach bar is open on a Saturday night and sells beer, wine, satays and chicken wings. All are welcome but you need a boat to get there!

Kitty's kitchen
Kitty’s kitchen
Saturday Blues Night!


1 x satay RM 10.00
1 x chicken wings RM 10.00
1 x beer RM 4.00
1 x red wine (small bottle) RM 20.00

Total: RM44.00 (AUS $15.20)


Roger enjoying his satays!

Verdict: Bluesman’s Paradise is a little gem of a place on Singa Besar Island. Host Enoa treats everybody as welcomed friends. Bread plays his guitar and sailors will often join in with their instruments. It is a wonderful night. Kitty cooks up a storm in a makeshift kitchen. Cooking thai style satay, chicken wing and fried rice. For more about Bluesman’s Paradise visit trippinturpins.wordpress.com and bluesmansparadise.wordpress.com which is currently under construction.






Telaga Harbour on the marina.

1 x bread, aioli and olives    RM 10.00
1 x crumbed calamari           RM 12.00
1 x litre of sangria                   RM 20.00
+ 10% service fee

Total RM 46.20 (AUS $16.00)

Bread, aioli and olives
Crumbed calamari

Verdict: Sangria happy hour from 11:00 – 20:00 – two for one. Half craft for RM 20.00 will get you a litre. One large craft for RM 38.00 will get you – two litres. It is a fruity sangria more like a punch. No red wine in it. It is very nice though, very refreshing. They have ala carte menu as well as the tapas. Food is really good and it’s a nice setting on the marina.

Thai Town Seafood Restaurant

– Jalan Pandak Mayah 1

1 x Karabu Tin Lai (chicken feet salad)   RM 10.00
1 x Pat Pet Beef                                                    RM 18.00
1 x Thai Style Three Flavour Duck            RM 28.00
1 x Thai Style Fried Rice                                  RM   6.00
1 x steam rice bowl                                            RM   2.00
1 x fresh Orange Juice                                     RM   3.50
1 x small bottles water                                    RM   2.00

Total:  RM 69.50 (AUS $24.00)

Thai Style Three Flavour Duck
Thai style fried rice
Thai Style Fried Rice
Chickens feet salad
Karabu Tin Lai
Pet Pat Beef
Pat Pet Beef

Verdict: Very very delicious. Excellent! A bit of a treat as we spent over AUS $20!

Nasi Campur next to The Pier  (see my google map for address) https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zwdahtcagx6Q.kHSg4Qt50eg8

2 x plate of self serve food
1 x small bottle water
1 x coke

Total: RM 31.50 (AUS $11.00)

Steak, chicken, vegetables with cockles and fried eggplant.

Verdict: Good food. They do BBQ steak, chicken and fish as well as a huge selection of curries, vegetable, clams, squid, and salad.

The Pier

– Persiaran Mutiara 2

3 x white wine            RM  24.00
1 Tiger Beer (glass) RM    5.00
1 x bottle water        RM    3.00

Total: RM 32.00 (AUS $11.00)

Verdict: A place where the sailors gather. Cheap drinks. Happy hour between 16:00 – 21:00. The above prices are not happy hour prices. Does meals – didn’t eat there.

Happy Hour beer prices

Tiger              RM  4.00
Carlseberg RM  4.00
Skol                RM  3.00

Shopping Centre Food Court

Sizzling and Claypot

1 x sizzling fried rice and egg RM   6.50

Total: RM  6.50 (AUS $2.25)

Sizzling fried rice
Sizzling fried rice

Soup Corner

1 x Keoy Teow RM   5.00
6 x extras (@ 0.50 each) RM   3.00

Total: RM  8.00  (AUS $ 2.80)


Verdict: Kelly’s sizzling fried rice – nice but nothing special. Dwayne’s soup – delicious.


2 x Nami Lemak with curry chicken  RM 12.90 each
1 x Water                                                          RM 2.00
1 x ice tea                                                          RM 4.50

Total: RM 32.30 (AUS $11.15)

Verdict: PappaRich is a restaurant that we have seen in various Malaysian locations. They offer some reasonably priced meals. The nasi lemak is delicious.

Nasi Kandar Penang – Restoran Nazir Idris

We got take away –

4 x fried chicken
1 x roti with egg and curry sauce
1 x beef curry and rice

Total: RM 22.50


Verdict: Very tasty and very friendly staff/owner